Nivea® lip butter

Do you have dry lips like I do ? Here is the remedy for that !

I have suffered of dry lips for years, but by accident got Nivea lip butter. Ill started to use it at night time, before going to bed and notice and improvement already next day. It really dehydrate your lips, and actually I can go for 3 days with out applying any “night balm”.
I’ll have only tried Raspberry Rosé, but it have all the same ingredients except from the flavour. Even though it contains Almond oil, which I thought I wash allergic to , Ill don’t have any reactions, so either there is very small amount of almond oil in or im that that allergic.

“The moisturising formula of Nivea Lip Butter with Hydra IQ contains shea butter and almond oil and provides intense moisture and long-lasting care. the indulgent formular creates sensationally soft lips”
Absolute an item you have to include in your daily nighttime routine.
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