Too Faced - Everything nice, palette

OMG , what a pretty palette, high in pigmentation, so if you have this you really don’t need anything els, for a weekend away. There are so many looks you can create with this palette, from formal to naughty party girl. It even smell of chocolate.

Because it’s a limited edition, it can be kind of hard to find, try eBay or Amazon.

1. Turtle Dove, 2. Dream On, 3. After Hours, 4. Fawned of You, 5. Knockout, 6. Paper Roses,
7. Kindness is Free, 8. Mauvelous, 9. Be You, 10. Secret Lovers, 11. Heaven, 12. Shiny Happy,
13. Honey Pot, 14. Don’t Settle, 15. Girly, 16. Totally Fetch, 17. Live it Up, 18. Too Glam,
19. Head Over Heels, 20. Chocolate Moon, 21. Sweet Pink, 22. Papa Don’t Peach, 23. Chocolate Soleil, 24. Inner Light
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