Pork rinds

Danish national snack

  • Salt
  • Pork rinds, Pork rose

1) Buy the pork rinds at the butcher or save the rind when you cut pork rose in to chops.
Cut the rind into appropriate strips, Mix pork rinds together with the salt in a deep frying pan

Heat the oven to 230 degrees. Cook for 40-60 minutes. Drain for fat at least once after 20-30 minutes which give the Best results. Turn pork rinds approx. every 10 minutes

Test them along the way (after 40 minutes) if they are finished. It will be crunch delicious, but not be too hard. If you drop it on the floor will most often break.

Add pork rinds on a paper towel or similar and sprinkle with fine salt. (optional )


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