2018 transitioning in to 2019

Yeah everybody is doing it …. so……
I guess I will too, write about the past year and what's in store for 2019.

2018 have been somewhat ups and downs. But most ups. Here we are the last days before 2019, and I look back on a year where I have been pulling out my hair, being sad , being happy but also fining a new friends, getting rid of friends and discovering your ex might be gay.

My happy moments have been with my family , my family being my husband and our fur kids. But this year I truly felt in love with my 2 youngest nephews , and discovred the joy of having my 3 older nephews visiting .

I don't know much about this snapchat thing, but what I know im to old for that disappearing thing , I just can't see the point , I can't even remember what I wrote on the picture .. well I have deleted it , after the only one I snap chatted with got a hissy fit and got tired of the boring pictures of my floor and boring messages I send, the simple thing was I did not know what to do with all the pictures and text I couldn't remember. Well we can not all win, and the looser is NOT ME .

Being diabetic 2 , have not been a joyride either , and after a year of taking 3 kind of insulin , I ballooned out in such a fast paste , that I felt that I just one day woke up and the damn dryer had shrunk all my clothes, of course it's not what happen . Nobody really understand , and I don't expect them to, but can't help that you feel really alone , everybody comes with theories how you got so fat and maybe you should you do things differently. As one dear one told me - "you can't even keep what you set up your mind up to" is a blow to the stomach, to someone that already is laying down.. These statements combined with may other things , happening just made 2018 not the best year for me health wise . ''

YEAR 2019
Not chocking weightless is high on the table , planning , cooking and maybe some vlogging. I will close my Etsy store, but will try to figure out someway to sell my digital goods anyway. I will try to connect to my more spiritual side as well and be a better person. This year I will unattached myself negativity , just keep the distance till it blow over. Ill will write more blogs about living with diabetes and Lupus, making more how to videos, (how to make stickers on a MAC )

Thank you for 2018 I hope you follow 2019
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