Sausage breakfast burger

SausageBreakfas Burger

Breakfast today, June 5, 2016
Just to good to be true, the day after a party or just simply to spoil yourself and your hubby
2 servings

  • 4 links of Italian sausages
  • bacon
  • 2 egg, sunny side up
  • 4 slices cheese of you'er liking
  • 2-4 raw onion rings

1) Pre-heat oven 200℃, ½ the buns and add the cheese one slice on each piece . Bake in oven till cheese is melted . take out and set aside.

Cook bacon on a hot pan and set aside

Remove casing from sausages, and form meat in to 2 patties, Cook on pan in the bacon grease. When finish set aside and keep warm , while you make 2 eggs sunny side up.

Layer : Bottom bun, meat patties, bacon, egg, onion and top bun
Enjoy !!

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