Meatballs in tomato-wine sauce

Dinner tonight, January 16, 2019
Who doesn't like meatballs ? Great and tasty dish, fast if you use frozen meatballs. I served with I with butter and cheese toasted bread, for a healthier choice serve salad. Read More...

Lemony chickpea stir-fry

Side dish tonight, January 15, 2019
Delicious and really tasty side dish , great with all kinds of meats. Read More...

Tenderloin with grilled greens and chickpeas

Dinner tonight, January 3, 2019,
OMG it was so good incredible tender and tasty , great and easy everyday healthy dish. Read More...

Spicy cauliflower Frittata with shrimp

Dinner tonight, January 2, 2019
This is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner, very mild to taste, but so delicious Read More...