Pea & broad bean shakshuka

Dinner tonight, September 24, 2019
Great veggie dish, tasty but I have tasted better
4 servings

1 bunch asparagus spears
200g sprouting broccoli
2 tbsp olive oil
2 spring onions, finely sliced
2 tsp cumin seeds
large pinch cayenne pepper, plus extra to serve
4 ripe tomatoes, chopped
1 small pack parsley, finely chopped
50g shelled peas
50g podded broad beans
4 large eggs
50g pea shoots
Greek yogurt and flatbreads, to serve

Trim or snap the woody ends of the asparagus and finely slice the spears, leaving the tips and about 2cm at the top intact. Finely slice the broccoli in the same way, leaving the heads and about 2cm of stalk intact. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the spring onions, sliced asparagus and sliced broccoli, and fry gently until the veg softens a little, then add the cumin seeds, cayenne, tomatoes (with their juices), parsley and plenty of seasoning, and stir. Cover with a lid and cook for 5 mins to make a base sauce, then add the asparagus spears, broccoli heads, peas and broad beans, cover again and cook for 2 mins.

Make 4 dips in the mixture. Break an egg into each dip, arrange half the pea shoots around the eggs, season well, cover with a lid and cook until the egg whites are just set. Serve with the rest of the pea shoots, a spoonful of yogurt and some flatbreads, and sprinkle over another pinch of cayenne, if you like.

Calories: 199
Total Carbohydrates: 7g
Total Fat: 12g
Dietary fiber: 7g
Protein: 13g
Saturated fat: 2g
Sodium: 0.2g
Sugar: 5g
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