Chili powder

Aloha chili

Dinner tonight, January 6, 2020
So freaking delicious ! The original recipes did not call for chili at all , so I added 1 tsp chili powder, I also didn't have a can "porks & beans", so I used one can of baked beans and 3 hot dog sausages, sliced. Tasted delicious .
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Cajun butter steak bites

CajunButterStea Bites
Dinner tonight, January 4, 2020
Absolutely awesome dish, for people there is on no Keto Diet , I would serve white rice with this. Read More…

Keralan fish curry

Dinner tonight , 29 September , 2019
Very easy fish curry dish, loads of flavour , I would maybe just wait with adding the fish to 3-5 minutes before serving , 20 min the fish disintegrate into the veggies and curry sauce making it like "porridge " kind of stew.
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Smothered pork chops

Dinner Tonight , September 26 , 2019
Good way to fancy-up your everyday dinner, this was so delicious , serve with dill pickles and a green salad and maybe some baguette , and you have a really delicious dinner everyone would love Read More…