Sticker shop have to go

Even though I love to be my own independant shop owner , I don't really have the energy to put into all the work there have to be done when you try to start up on yourself, you know the advertising , design , money, accountant , advietinsiing , advertising emails, planner squad and som on. Read More…

How to convert PDF to an image

Until Silhouette get the import of PDF higher than 72 dpi fixed , this is a good solution, and not that difficult to do. Read More…

How to make stickers on a MAC computer

Im often ask , how do you make your stickers when you have a MAC and you have to use Pages ?? Read More…

The good Adoption


Hi Everybody , its really no secret that im adopted from Thailand and I wirte this well aware of we are all different and some adopted children have several isussue being adopted, this is not to belittle those who feel different than me. Its just a uproar that some adoptees actually fine, not rootless or depress or are hungry for fining biolotical parents . Read More…

2018 transitioning in to 2019

"2018 have been somewhat ups and downs. But most ups. Here ware are the last days before 2019, and I look back on a year where I have been pulling out my hair, being sad , being happy but also fining a new friends, getting rid of friends and discovering your ex might be gay. " Read More…