2019 to 2020 -no regrets


It's time to reflect over the last year, what have I done and what have I learned ??
What I have definitely learned is that time goes fast, and I feel I almost wrote this " how did the year go "yesterday. 2019 have been a year where nothing really happen , days just went by and you are just sucked in everyday life.

Friends come and goes, this year no one went away, only one told me flat out that they'd didnt want to be friends, well I never aske, I just called and old friend for condolence , asked if she wanted to grab cup of coffee, to talk. She said yes no problem. Later a text came with a long excuse, how she could 't be the friend I wanted her to be. Hmmmmm — well I just wanted to be nice after she have been through a rough time.
To the story is that she datede my ex. literally 3 weeks after we broke up, got married and got kids . It had now come to my attention that my ex is now gay ( I don't have anything against gay people at all ). I just hope that everything get sorted out between them, for the kids sake.

I really see myself as a really forgiving person, and have put this behind me many years ago, you cant really control love, and looking back I was really glad for the honesty . Of course I met the love of my life later and have now been married almost 11 years.

But 2019 we got closer to somekind of new friends, which have the same love for Miniature Schnauzers as we do, we can talk and laugh endlessly all night long, sometimes we even enjoy playing a board game , they know who they are .

We feel really blessed that out three oldest nephews , find the time to visit us for dinner now and then, and we can have some good conversation over dinner. My two youngest nephews are incredible cute and the whole family just adore them and love them to pieces . Can't wait to babysit one day.

As all the years before we have the weight loss again and again, it's a never ending struggle, but at least Im trying. Luckily I got new diabetes medicin called Ozempic, which helps a lot, also doing som cardio ½ hour a day, goal is 1 hour a day. 3 kgs already lost 10 million kg to follow.

For aHousewife.com , more food will be posted this year ( my goal 1 ) , my shop will be open whole 2020 ( goal 2 ) and at last - making more digital stickers for HP, EC, etc. (my goal 3 ).

For me 2020 : I hope to be a better wife, to live by my lifes philosophy, be healthy , live life, be nice, pay it forward and have no regrets

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