The good Adoption

Hi Everybody , its really no secret that im adopted from Thailand and I wirte this well aware of we are all different and some adopted children have several isussue being adopted, this is not to belittle those who feel different than me. Its just a uproar that some adoptees actually fine, not rootless or depress or are hungry for fining biolotical parents .

Especially the Danish medias have used a generalisation of all adopted childre, saying they all on one point will experiens loss , get depressed or feel rootless and loads of other mental illnesses or difficulties. The adoption in Denmark is downhill because of fewer childen to adopt , more fertility treatment and NEGATIVITY FROM THE PRESS, this make me extreamly sad, the last one , the negativity. Im tired of always get the sad lable on me when I tell Im adopted. Isn't like every thing els on social medias , if only adopted children sees are - you are rootless, you have to finde your family , you will get depressed , they start to believe it , or at least help them on the way to negativ road insted of helping them to find themself in who they really are and what they can accoplish in life ? Im not professional therapist and I don't know the answer to how to fix it. But I wished all adoptees felt like me .

In my case I actually never ever had the feeling of being different , I have always being Danish - just the brown version. My parents have and will always be my parents , no biological / blood bond would change that , why shouldn´t ? I have never tired anything els and for me in this case love is stronger than blood .

I have never been insecure of myself of whom I was, because I was me the daughter of Erik and Susanne, me and my sister was children of love, children they wanted and loved from the moment lay eyes on us.
People will now ask themself or even ague - but your biological mother left you gave you up and I say yes , yes she did and what a great and unselfish gift she did.

I ask you if you are a mother would you give up your child - the answer is no. What my biological mother did for me was the most unselfish thing she ever could do , in hope that I could have a better future than she could give me , she loved me so much so she wanted what was best for me, not for her. For me this is NOT betrayal or a loss for me its the greatest gift of all , why would I ever doubt her attention for give me up for adoption.

In Denmark we talk about every child have the right to know mother an father and their background - and I totally agree, no doubt about it. But for us adopted sometimes the situations are different.
In these millinial years and the years of me me me generation we have forgotten to be decent people , because not everything is about you, for every selfish act you do it will ripple out for better or worse . Maybe my biologic mother have godt a nice life , new kids and with out telling her new husband she had a child before they got married. Why in the world would I find my biological mother and maybe ruin her life ??

Thank you for reading - before you start criticising me , that I do respect your feelings of betrayal and neglect I do acknowledge that some adopted children have it difficult and my hope and wishes are for them to finde their way like I always felt and so many other adopted children did. So Please respect this is how I feel and have always have felt it doesn't mean that your feeling is wrong . To you there is thinking of adopt DO IT , there are loads of children their need your love to there.

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