Sticker shop have to go

Even though I love to be my own independant shop owner , I don't really have the energy to put into all the work there have to be done when you try to start up on yourself, you know the advertising , design , money, accountant , advetising , advertising emails, planner squad and som on. So I decided to let it go from May 1, 2019. I hope I will bring my Shop back one day.

I literally need to get my life in focus again , af getting diabetes 2 , being kindest transplanted , and having Lupus , I have to take the stress out of my day, and trying to fix me . Fix meaning losing weight, trying to get in shape again , and making healthier food choice , have to go back and make a new meal everyday and share ing . To have total console of my intake of food. - The only "fun" I will allowed special occasions such as Birthdays , Anniversaries , and Dinner parties, and non of these things happens a lot. I know I have said this a million times , but apparently I don't have a backbone , well at least its what im tolde from times to times , and its not from my husband , he is the most supportive person in the world .

I have this blog and it make my day have pourpose kinda , sound really pathetic , and for you it might be, its okay. For me not able to have a real work, days can be really long not have anything to do other than clean and do laundry.
Anyways - rest of this year its all about me , pull the plug.


Time to find delicious healthy recipes to share with you. So #10DayNoWhiteFood ( Poatoes , Rise, Wheat , Pasta , Bread* ) Stoneage bread allowed. I will combine it with , some dates I will combine it with whey protein sake for training , and a diet shake + one banana for lunch.
So I don't know it anything of this help me,

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 12.54.21

Ps. The last month my husband had some late hours of working , and I have as a rule , that if he comes home after 17·00 - 17·30 we will have takeaway , Because I have everso often had dinner ready when he came home , and toss the half of it because he did not come home as promimised
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